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Penn AHEAD Senior Scholar Alan Ruby and participants of the seminar on teacher practice at the 2015 ECER Conference in Budapest

Benjamin Franklin—Penn’s celebrated founder—was a pioneer of global engagement. A citizen of the world, he was the first U.S. Ambassador to France, traveled to London as early as age 17, and stayed in Europe periodically throughout his life. He was committed to engaging leading intellectuals around the world in science, innovation, philosophy, and politics. Today, we proudly continue Franklin’s legacy of global engagement.

We recognize and understand creating, building, and sustaining world-class institutions of higher education and research is valuable for all nations as they pursue economic, human, and social development strategies. AHEAD collaborates with universities, colleges, government ministries, and other organizations around the world to promote the public purposes of higher education in fostering open, equitable, and democratic societies and to address the most pressing issues facing higher education institutions today. We do this through a variety of initiatives including research, consulting, training and development programs, and international meetings. Please follow the links below to learn more about some of the projects we've been involved in. 

Institutions of Excellence: Reframing World Class Universities

Kazakhstan University Autonomy and Governance Reform Collaboration

International Future of Learning Collaborative with Anant National University