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Presentations, Publications, & Working Papers

Year: 2017

Perna, L.W., Leigh, E., & Carroll, S. (2017, December). “Free College:” A New and Improved State Approach to Increasing Educational Attainment?. Publications
Perna, L.W., & Leigh, E. (2017, November). Understanding the Promise: A Typology of State and Local College Promise Programs. Educational Researcher, 47, 155-180.
(2017, July). Getting-the-Most-from-Governance. Publications
Perna, L.W., & Hillman, N. (2017, May). Understanding Student Debt: Who Borrows, the Consequences of Borrowing, and the Implications for Federal Policy. The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, Volume 671. Publications
Cahalan, M., Perna, L.W., Yamashita, M., Ruiz, R., & Franklin, K. (2017, April). Indicators of higher education equity in the United States: An historic trend report. Washington, DC:  The Pell Institute of the Council for Opportunity in Education and the Alliance for Higher Education and Democracy.. Publications
Robert Zemsky, Patricia Burch, Richard Morgan (2017, January). Market Analysis for Law School Admissions . Publications