The most recent AHEAD poll provides insight into what higher education leaders are thinking with regard to intercollegiate athletics. Most—though not all—higher education leaders believe that intercollegiate athletics are an important component of higher education. Some leaders, however, articulate concerns.
Inside Higher Ed, December 3, 2014: Reactions to the Inaugural Leading Academic Change Summit      
NASFAA. November 13, 2015: Panel Discusses Simplification, Accountability As HEA Reauthorization Looms.
Education Week, October 28, 2014: State Initiatives Widen Reach of ACT, SAT Tests
The results of our third poll provide insight into the enrollment-related concerns of higher education institutions. In the fall of 2014, first-time, full-time undergraduate enrollment exceeded expectations at some institutions but fell below targeted levels at a noteworthy share of colleges and universities.
Education Week, September 23, 2014: Harvard-MIT Partnership Opens MOOCs for High Schoolers  
Dr. Laura Perna testified in front of the US Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions last week on states' role in higher education. Click here to view the video of her testimony.  
In August 2013 the Obama administration announced plans for a “College Scorecard” that would rate the accessibility, affordability, and outcomes of individual higher education institutions. The results of our poll suggest that higher education leaders have several concerns about an accountability scorecard, with the most commonly reported being recognition of institutional diversity, measurement of student outcomes, and unintended consequences of selected measures.
Survey of higher education trend spotters finds that there is more discussion about MOOCs now than a year ago. Nonetheless, higher education leaders are still uncertain about the benefits to institutions or students.