Developing and supporting academic leaders is essential to the future of universities, university systems, and governments in the U.S. and around the globe.

Through both short-term and multi-year programming, AHEAD provides effective leadership development for experienced and emerging leaders.

 Hallmarks of our approach include:

  • Focus on the real-time needs of leaders;
  • Grounding in research that advances practice;
  • Attention to both well-proven and cutting-edge practices; and
  • Solutions-based emphasis on higher education’s short- and long-term challenges.

Our fundamental goal is to provide advice, support and scholarship customized to the needs of the individual, the institution, and the country.

AHEAD faculty have developed and led leadership programs for university and college presidents and rectors, chief academic officers, chief business officers, deans, faculty, academic librarians, vice provosts and directors, and department chairs.

Select recent publications on leadership and leadership development by AHEAD faculty include:

  • Checklist for Change (Zemsky, 2014)
  • AGB Report: What Presidents Really Think of Their Boards (Eckel, 2014)
  • Benchmarking Governance as a Tool for Promoting Change , World Bank 2013 (chapters by Hartley & Ruby)
  • ACE Report: Presidential Leadership in an Age of Transition: Dynamic Responses for a Turbulent Time. (Eckel & Hartley, 2011).
  • Taking the Reins: Institutional Transformation in Higher Education. (Eckel & Kezar, 2003/2011)
  • The CAO Census (National study of chief academic officers by the American Council on Education)  (Eckel, Cook & King, 2010)
  • The changing role of university presidents, vice-chancellors and rectors. (Green, M., & Eckel, 2010. In The International Encyclopedia of Education.)